Chic Retreats & Travel Experiences

"Live well, Look good, Travel often", Dee Ware

Have you ever had a desire to travel to fabulous destinations, with a fashionable yet cultural itinerary?   Have you ever wanted wardrobe selections to accompany that itinerary?  Have you every wanted the option of a packing service for said vacation?Have you ever wanted optional time for photos factored in to your schedule so that you could capture memories of the place yet be in the moment for your experiences?  Well, here you have it, chic retreats and stylish destinations for women who want a solo travel feel with the option of being a part of a group.  Also, remote workers and content creators will find these unique experiences quite "creator friendly".  

From fashion week jaunts in various cities to curated culture and content travel experiences in various countries.  We are stylishly moving about in the world expanding our networks and connections and you are cordially invited!  Subscribe to be notified when travel experiences open up.

Our 2023 schedule will include New York, London and Miami.