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Mind Your Business - Corporate Brand Image Solutions (Consultation)

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Let's face it, we are living and working in a new time.  As companies and employees decide to go back to the office or to continue to work remotely, there has to be a clear and concise brand story created.  

What does your brands image reflect?  Business professional or business casual?  What is the difference between all of these "corporate styles"?  Is there a manual or dress code?  Are we still doing casual Friday?  With so many varying interpretations these days, you need to clearly establish a cohesive message with your team that can be translated to your client.  This results in tightened team engagement, an inclusive work environment and a successful brand message.

This service includes an onsite or virtual half day interactive hands on image presentation for your team.  We will dissect the teams current interpretation of the brand image.  We will explore varies appropriate styles of professional image and discuss the various events in which they are appropriate.  After which the entire team will feel invested in establishing a brand image that they partnered to curate.  We will also work with your human resources department to establish a published guideline for the future.  (4 HRS)

*One on ones are available as well to assist employees individually.  These can be scheduled for a future date.