The Capsule Wardrobe Builder

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This is one of our most popular services.  We take your existing wardrobe pieces left over from The Closet Edit (digital product available for download) and the new pieces from your personal shopping session (available service) to curate your seasonal capsule wardrobe.  The above services are recommended, but not required for the service.

During your session, we will accomplish the following: 

1. Review your preliminary information and assessment.

2. Assess your on-hand wardrobe 

3. Pull together 20-30 pieces based on your on-hand essentials, current lifestyle and personal style while considering any events you have for the duration of the capsule period.  Clients generally refresh their capsule monthly or seasonally.

4. We will also discuss style specific outfits that will be available at the ready for the entire season.


Personalized Client Profile

Wardrobe Welcome Kit

Staples Checklist

Customized Merchandise Links

Wardrobe Mapping

Outfitting Session (Optional Photos)

Follow Up Support

Total Time Commitment:  3.0 Hours

Employing a capsule wardrobe can be life changing.  My clients free up at least 10-15 hours a week to focus on family, hobbies and self-care.

*It is recommended that you book The Perfect Fit Consultation if you are a new client.