My Personal Stylist - Membership

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When you join our exclusive My Personal Stylist Membership, it's just like having your own Personal Stylist in your pocket and at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost.  This is not an automated system.  You'll have access to a Personal Stylist via text to support you in the moment.  You simply ask your style question or text the item you have a question about and you will receive your answer or suggestion.   Once you sign up, you will complete a series of questions that we use to build your file with us.  Whether it's an important business meeting that day or a date that you're looking forward to that evening, just send us a pic of your look for style advice and suggestions.  This also works great when you're in the fitting room or just out and about shopping. 

Who is the The Pocket Stylist for? 

- Are you starting a new style journey?

- Are you in the wardrobe building stage?

- Would you like style advice in the moment before purchasing?

- Do you need help putting together a look in the moment? 

- Do you want to know which luxury items to work into your wardrobe?

- Do you want up close and personal access to a Stylist at a fraction of the cost?

Currently this service is available to all clients who have booked a service with us and 100 new clients.  If there are no spaces available, you will be notified at check out and we will place you on a waitlist.   Stylists are available 6AM CST until 6PM CST TUES - SAT with the exception of all major holidays.